Project Description

Titus Waldner


Titus Waldner is known for fusing elements of pop, R&B, psych-funk and electro-pop in
easy-listening music. His apparent effortlessness is indeed only apparent – watch Titus live
and you’ll understand the meaning of a one-man-show, as he moves between the guitar,
piano, electronic gear and the microphone on a single track. The resulting music reveals none
of the painstaking efforts to create it – rather tracks are relaxing, synths wash over with ease,
the vocals, although in a wide range of expressions from pop to rap, generally fit in, and the
melodies on the guitar are as pleasant as sunbeams. And therein lies the true potential of the
young musician – his ability to make music that simply ‘feels right’ from start to finish. Titus is
a gifted songwriter with a folkie sensibility – soulful but understated, his voice never forced or
overblown, and all the richer for it. Tracks often surprise you, not in complexity, but in their

Ort: Blaue Blume

Datum: 09.10.2021

Zeit: 16:00 Uhr